1.Why were you unsure about starting pole dancing?

I thought I was too old and not flexible enough to pole dance.

2. What made you choose Diamond Dance?

Diamond Dance came highly recommended by some of its students. Also after going to the Christmas display last year, I found Diamond Dance to be a place where everyone was welcome and everyone was so positive and passionate about pole dance.

3. What specific benefits have you noticed as a result of pole dancing with us?

Trying to stay young, I have always played some sort of sport or exercise and also watched my diet. As I aged, it became increasingly harder to remain motivated to stick to exercise and diet. I was starting to think I had to accept I wasn’t young anymore and perhaps it was time to “act my age”. Pole dancing has helped me to remember that age is just a number and nothing more. Since starting pole dancing I have lost a couple of kgs, have re-gained abs, become physically and mentally stronger and have found a new passion in my life.

4. Who would you recommend us to?

To everyone!!! And anyone who wants to have fun and find a sport they can become passionate about.

 ~ Maggie Jones