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Are you sick of your usual, boring workout? Do you want to learn to fly?

Did you know that pole dancing can cover all bases as an exercise activity?

It's weight training, cardio and FUN all rolled into one! You'll be lifting your own body weight instead of weights.

You'll be dancing your heart out and your heart rate up!

You'll be surrounded by women just like you - wanting to dance and do something fun, instead of slogging it out at the gym.

You'll make friends and learn some cool new tricks, just like Bec.

 "I loved the look of pole dancing! After my first class I was exhausted and in love! I've noticed an increase in strength and flexibility since I started and Diamond Dance is a really fun studio with some amazing teachers!

I definitely recommend pole  dancing to women like me who don't like to exercise but want a fun way to integrate exercise without it feeling like exercise." ~ Bec

Our Intro Offer allows you to try UNLIMITED Beginner classes over 2 weeks so that you can be super sure that you like pole dancing and us!

Our beginner pole dancing classes are designed for the absolute beginner, no experience in dancing or fitness necessary - we promise! Our instructors are super knowledgeable, encouraging and patient. Our pole dancing programs are the best in Perth.

We understand that your first pole class may leave you feeling dazed and confused - it's normal! There's a lot to learn, so we understand you'll need at least 2 classes to really get a feel for it.

That's why we give you UNLIMITED Beginner classes! Yes - come as many times as you want to the classes listed below over the 2 weeks.

What you get:

  • Unlimited Beginner classes over 2 weeks (classes listed below)

How much is this amazing deal? Only $49!

This amazing deal is valued at $240 - so you're getting a $191 discount to come and try us out. We just know that you'll fall in love!

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CHOOSE YOUR CLASSES FROM THE BELOW (unlimited classes over 2 weeks, from 2nd March 2020):

 Intro Offer TTable March 1

Because we know that pole dancing isn't like any other sport, dance or gym activity, we want to make sure that we can give our students the best chance at success in every move they learn. So that's why we offer other non-pole, fitness based classes. 

We want to help you build strength specifically for dance. We work and strengthen your muscles specifically for the way they will be needed on the pole. This includes stretching and strengthening muscles for better coordination & mobility.

All of our classes have a maximum of 10 people per class - so you'll always have plenty of help and attention from your teacher, which means you'll avoid injuries and have beautiful technique. 

Have we mentioned all the fun times and friends yet? Well, there are lots of fun times! We laugh our way through classes (which really adds to your ab definition) and pole friends are friends for life! There is a scientific study to prove it "It's Our little secret... an in-group, where everyone's in": Females' motives for participation in a stigmatized form of physical activity by J.C Nicholas, J.A Dimmock, C.J Donnelly, J.A Alderson and B. Jackson.

If you're keen to get started with pole dancing - then sign up for our Intro Offer! Its only 2 weeks and if you don't love it after your first week, we'll refund you 100% 

Start 2nd March 2020!

Terms & Conditions

Once you purchase your Intro Offer, you must select which classes you will attend before the 2 weeks starts.

You will be given the option via email before each class to select 'attending' or 'not attending'. If you fail to advise you will not be attending a class and don't show up for it, you will be charged a $10 Absent fee. This is because our class sizes are limited (10 people per class) and if you do not tell us you can't attend, someone else will miss out on a spot.


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