Julie started pole dancing as her friend nagged her to go with her and eventually, she gave in, she fell in love with it and has been doing it ever since.

Julie is very creative and loves choreographing routines and turning her pole moves into an art form.
She loves all split pole tricks and often does the splits wherever she goes. Julie enjoys teaching pole dancing because she likes to help students achieve their pole goals.
Julie has performed in many competitions and live events. The most recent achievement was winning the Felix Cane Choice award in 2019. Julie also won Doubles in The West Australian Pole Championships in 2015 and was a finalist at the Nationals. Julie has competed interstate in Pole Theatre Sydney and been in many Miss Pole Dance Western Australia Heats where she won Best Costume twice.

Julie is a qualified Expert Pole Trainer (with X-Pole) Julie loves collecting shoes and is a fashionista at heart and loves animals.