Menstrual Cycle

Have you noticed that some weeks you feel strong, energetic and amazing!? Like you could conquer the world!!

And other weeks you don't even know who that woman was, you feel tired, weak and sluggish.

Then you feel guilty because you don't push yourself as hard in your workouts because you just can't find the energy or motivation.

All the research we have on exercise and diet is largely based on men, not women. And the fundemental flaw in applying this research to women is that men have a daily hormone cycle and completely different hormones. So while men can do the same workouts and diet for weeks on end and will get the results they're after...

Women are different!

Women have a monthly cycle of hormones meaning our nutrition requirements and types of exercise need to change nearly every week.

The week when you feel amazing and strong is likely to be your ovulation phase. In this phase you have a spike in oestrogen which makes you feel good and a spike in testosterone which makes you feel strong! 

The week where you don't feel so great is likely to be your luteal phase when progesterone has taken over.

We need to fuel our bodies and exercise according to what hormones are in play for that phase.

By exercising and eating according to our menstrual cycle, we will see;

  • Better results in our fitness goals
  • More energy overall
  • Less PMS symptoms
  • Easier to get through life
  • No more feeling guilty for not pushing your hardest every week - because you aren't meant to!

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