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Save the World with your leftovers

30th March 2020

Reducing food wastage

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How do you like your poison?

15th March 2020

With everything in our homes containing some type of chemical, the western world has become very informed on all types of chemicals, making it fashionable to get rid of certain...

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Eco Period

4th March 2020

Almost every month we’ve got to go through the same thing, periods. There are so many options out there now for collecting the blood and we at Diamond Dance think...

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Zero Waste

3rd March 2020

Apparently there is a day called ‘Overshoot Day’. This day changes from year to year and it tells us when we have used up the world’s resources for the year.

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Period Woes

26th February 2020

Women’s health issues, especially surrounding our reproductive organs, are not usually discussed and we are therefore left untreated for serious health issues.

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Relieving Symptoms. Period.

12th February 2020

Good old periods. We’ve all been there. The sleepless nights. Being crumpled over in pain. The short tempers.

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Time to Celebrate!!

29th January 2020

I Did the Things!

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Goal Buddy (A.K.A someone to kick your butt into gear)

29th January 2020

According to the Cambridge dictionary, an individual being held accountable is someone “completely responsible for what they do and must be able to give a satisfactory reason for it” (Cambridge, 2020).

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A Guide to Goal Setting

14th January 2020

It’s very easy to say that you want to achieve something, it’s harder to set a self-catered, achievable goal.

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Why most people fail at achieving their goals (and how you can succeed!)

2nd January 2020

Setting goals is great; it gives you direction, a purpose and a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

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