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Middle splits active flex JD

Active Flexibility for Middle Splits

22nd August 2019

Firstly, what is active flexibility?Active flexibility is the strength you have to pull your leg / limb into its maximum range of flexibility.

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JJ perfect hormone balance

Why does today's workout suck? The answer is your hormones...

14th August 2019

Women are not the same as men. We are not chemically (hormonally) designed to train the same way, every week. And we need to stop beating ourselves up for trying and inevitably failing.

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Recovering from Middle Splits

1st August 2019

Where does it hurt? Your butt? Your groin? Your quads / hip flexors?I'm guessing all of it!Here are some great stretches and foam rolling techniques to help you through.First up;...

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JD training with your menstrual cycle

How to eat and exercise with your menstrual cycle

13th July 2019

This presentation from our director Jacinta Diamonds will BLOW YOUR MIND!Women are not men.We need to stop trying to diet and train like men!If we...

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happy beginner pole dancers climb

Is this key to self confidence the last thing you might expect?

22nd March 2019

Are you your own worst enemy, do you sabotage yourself before you even start?

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Are you training your 'abs' wrong?

18th December 2017

Everybody wants abs of doom. They want to flaunt that sexy, ripped 6-pack - especially over summer! But the reality is; most people are not training their abs correctly for...

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Pancake Stretching

26th November 2017

This is a straddle or pancake stretch. In this stretch we are aiming to stretch your hamstrings and your adductors.

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Powerful Ladies of the 80's: Gertrude Elion

29th September 2017

Gertrude B. Elion

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