23rd May 2016

We've all heard about them, we all know how they work, we all know they are an important factor of achieving new personal bests - but for some reason we still don't set them or when we do set some they are just not as effective as they should be? Well here is a little snippet about setting goals and making sure that they are going to be effective in motivating you to accomplish them.

Now, you can apply these factors to any area of your life – goals are not limited to fitness – and they still follow the same guidelines! For obvious reasons, this version is going to have a bit of a pole ‘spin’ on things. Once you have chosen a goal you would like to work towards, it’s time to make sure that goal is SMART. I’m sure you’ve probably heard this term before – if not you’re in for a real treat! Here is a little refresher about that exactly makes a goal SMART…



Your goal needs to be clear and easy to understand. A broad or vague goal such as “I want to get fit” is not specific enough to measure, rather if you make your goal more specific, it is easier to stick to and therefore more likely to be achieved. Something like “to be able to do a candy”. 



Your goal needs to be something that you can measure – or track your progress. This is the best part about goal setting; tracking your progress and watching yourself get closer and closer to achieving your goal! There are so many different ways to track your own progress, and this can be dependent on what your goal is. Let’s go with my example of being able to do a candy, I would take weekly videos of myself doing a candy so that I can see where I am improving; getting higher, closer and neater. (Added bonus – taking the videos, means that you are training regularly and constantly working towards your goal, thus helping you succeed!)



Your goal MUST be attainable. Looking back to my example of being able to do a candy, if this were my goal, I would have been building up strength over a long period of time in the candy position – at Diamond Dance the candy is a level 4 move and throughout level 1, 2 & 3 building on this. This goal must suit my current levels and abilities, so basically, if you are in level 2, setting a short term goal to do a candy would be less attainable than say “to do 5 leg lifts in knot grip in a row”, still working on the candy move, however this is a more attainable short term goal suited to your level.



Is this goal relevant to you? Does achieving this goal MEAN something to YOU? If you answered yes, good job, you have chosen an awesome goal for YOU! If your goal isn’t meaningful to you, then you are more likely to lose interest and it will be difficult to stick to. If your goal means something to you, it is more interesting and you will feel a much greater level of satisfaction when you achieve it. As a pole dancer, setting a goal for a move such as a candy is definitely relevant (I see it as one of the milestone moves similar to the first time you go upside down, upside down up the pole, climb – you’ll probably have your own milestone moves where you think to yourself ‘this trick is badass’).


Time bound

Hands up if you are driven by deadlines? They keep you focused and on track? Brilliant! Having a deadline will help you push yourself that extra bit harder, fit in that extra training session, do some extra homework exercises at home, put in maximum effort to achieve your goal. You might set your goal at the beginning of the term, and want to achieve it by week 8. You might only need 4 weeks – the trick is to make sure that it’s a reasonable time frame to achieve it J

And remember… If you don’t quite get your goal by the end, you can always look at how much progress you have made towards it, re-assess your goal, set a new one, and keep working towards it!

~ Elle ~