Make up and Exercise

29th August 2016

We all love to look good all the time, right? Even when we’re doing a sweaty gym session or busting out new pole moves; but what are we really doing to our skin? Is wearing make-up whilst training a big no, no?

I think this can be answered a few different ways. I feel like the answer could be yes and no at the same time....confusing?  Well let me break it down for you.

Everyone has different skin types; just like everyone has different hair. Your hair may be straight and blonde and my hair is wavy and brown; your skin may be a lighter tone and dry in areas and my skin is olive, oily and shiny! (Both have pros and cons!)
 To explain this simply is hard! Purely because there are so many things to take into consideration, and I will try my best to not ramble on with complicated terms like Epidermis and sebaceous we go!

Our skin has different layers (like an onion) each layer serves a purpose. Different cultures and backgrounds create individual skin types for everyone. Which means everyone has layers that are somewhat different to another person. That’s why this is difficult for me to explain simply!

The question- is make up okay to wear during a sweaty gym session or any training session.
The answer-

YES- If you are using the correct type of make up for your skin and following procedures correctly after the workout.
NO- if you wear incorrect make up that will then sit on your skin for hours after!

There 2 different skin types. You are either predominantly oily or predominantly dry. There is a lot of confusion with these. You may have both? Does having a combination of both mean they balance each other out? No, because there will never be one person who has exactly the same amount of dryness and oiliness in the skin. One will be more predominant than the other. The more predominant characteristic is what will determine your skin type.  With this information you can decide if it’s best for your skin type to wear light/mineral make up whilst training or none at all.

If you can’t live without any sort of coverage on your skin when you train then definitely stick to a mineral based foundation. My recommendation is Thin Lizzy; light but covers well. 

I have incredibly oily skin! (I will never age! Thanks to my over stimulated sebaceous glands) I also hardly ever breakout! Why? Well after years of constantly learning about skin and the layers, I understand my skin and usually your skin is a reflection on what your putting in your body. I try to eat a lot of antioxidants like berries and super foods especially greens! I eat a lot of leafy greens. And when I train, I usually try to not wear any make up, because having oily skin its easier for my pores to clog up with sweat mixed with make-up, mixed with oil! So if I do usually its light mineral powder to stop shininess. Then I make sure I follow my after- work out skin routine!

If you have dry skin you can get away with wearing a little more make up but I would use a liquid mineral foundation or even a tinted moisturiser with vitamin c is amazeballs! Still making sure your following up with your after- work out skin routine.

Hope this answered a few questions for you!

Want to know what the after-work out skin routine should be.....stay tuned for the next blog!

 ~ Sasha; Beauty Expert