Moving on up

19th October 2015

When should I move up a level?

Pole Dancing is AWESOME fun as well as an AWESOME workout as you know by now! But what we forget in our enthusiasm is that Pole Dancing is still pretty dangerous. The most common reason for injuries is people attempting moves they are not “physically conditioned” for – not ready in strength, flexibility and/or aerial awareness.

Method in the Madness!

Sometimes people think; ‘that’s ok, its just one move I can’t do’ but that one move might just be a huge stepping stone for harder moves down the track! All courses at Diamond Dance have been carefully structured to help you build the necessary strength, flexibility and body awareness to achieve each move and prepare you for ones to come!

How Do I Know if I’m Ready to Move up?

  1. Can you perform the move easily at least 5 times?

  2. Can you hold the final position at least 5sec?

  3. Can you exit the move nicely?

  4. Can you perform the move in a simple combination?

  5. Are you smiling and pointing your toes? 

There is no shame in repeating a level! In fact it’s a great way to really hone your technique and build your confidence in your dance – you’ll start to flow through your movement as you become more familiar and confident in your own abilities. The first few times you learn a move its all about just getting there. Once you start ‘getting there’ more easily you can start to work on the execution of the move and important finishing touches like pointed toes and where your hands are!

You will constantly be building strength! Just because you’ve done if before doesn’t mean you stop getting stronger. Repeating a level is only going to give you a really solid foundation of strength to rely on when learning new moves. This foundation of strength is the key to injury prevention.

What’s the rush? Enjoy the Journey!

Even after pole dancing for nearly a decade, Jacinta is still learning! Pole dancing is a relatively new sport and new moves are constantly being created. The top levels at Diamond Dance will change more frequently to accommodate this constant innovation; which is even more reason to repeat levels and develop your skills, so that tackling the latest and greatest moves is easier and most of all Safe.