Save the World with your leftovers

30th March 2020

Reducing food wastage

Did you know that throwing away one burger wastes the same amount of water as a 90-minute shower (ozharvest)? Food waste costs the Australian economy around $20 billion dollars, and $3,800 per household each year (ozharvest). Which is an enormous amount of food going into landfill, money wasted and other people starving. If one quarter of the world’s lost or wasted food could be saved, it would be enough to feed 870 million hungry people (ozharvest). So, reducing your food waste won’t only help you, it’ll help 870 million other people, the planet and the economy too. All food waste ends up in landfill which is better then other things because it’ll biodegrade, however why waste all 9 Olympic swimming pools worth of food, when there are people who need to survive off it (ozharvest)? Here are a couple of tips that can help reduce food wastage.

Plan your meals

The idea behind this is only buying the food that you need. When you can make it to the shops, make sure you’ve planed out roughly what you are going to be eating so you know what you are going to need. Many people go shopping hungry and buy what looks good, however this is not the best strategy as the food you were craving often doesn’t go with anything else in the fridge and therefore gets thrown away. If you know what you have, and you know what you’re going to make then you’ll know what you’ll need, and you won’t over buy.

Take care of your fridge and freezer

By having an organised fridge and freezer you will reduce your food waste. Sounds strange but hear me out. If you can see everything you have in your fridge then nothing gets forgotten, goes off or gets thrown away. If all food is stored correctly then it will last longer and have more time before it becomes wastage. An organised freezer means you can store more things in it so food will never go off (kinda).

Love your leftovers

Most people throw out their leftovers just because they’ve had enough for the night. A great idea is to keep them in the fridge and either have the same meal again or concoct something new with old ingredients. The food is still safe to eat and it’s amazing the combinations that my family come up with when it’s been left over night. If you don’t love your leftovers, give them to something that will, a compost bin. Left over fruits and veggies can always go to the worms and some foods can even go to our furry friends (not siblings though they can eat leftovers too).