Surviving Christmas

12th November 2015

While we believe you should love your body for what it can do, rather than how it looks. Its normal to be conscious of your favourite outfit feeling just that bit tighter. Christmas is a killer for normal routine and diet which usually leads to the aforementioned tight clothing. Here’s a few tips to get you through the holidays.




Energy in = Energy out

Simples. The more you eat, the more exercise you need to do to burn it off. Particularly when you’re eating more of that delicious white Christmas slice (heaven!) Best advice; play with the kids; get in the pool and play marco polo, throw their new ball, push them on their new bike and practice your handstands together (yes, most kids find handstands easy – we’re frustrated too). This way you’re still involved in the festivities and you’re burning off those mince pies.


Not so simples. Alcohol is one of the hardest substances for your body to break down. Try to avoid sugary mixers like soft drinks and juice. Sweet wines such as moscato are heavy on the sugars too and beer has a huge amount of empty carbs. Best advice; everything in moderation and if you can't be moderate, be the designated driver and be strict with your consumption. If you have a few functions over several days try to have at least 2 alcohol-free days a week. Remember to drink lots of water too!

Turkey vs Ham

My personal favourite dish at Christmas time is the glazed ham – nobody does it like my Grandad! But its pretty high in the fat department, so opt for extra turkey but don't miss out if its your favourite!

Eat the good stuff first

Fill up on protein and green leafy vegetables first! If you’re full you won’t be able to fit as much in your dessert stomach (everyone has a dessert stomach right?)

Don’t bow to Granny’s pressure!

My grandparents are huge believers in 2nd and 3rd helpings and my 6foot+ brothers have no problem obliging but eventually all our metabolisms will slow down. Only eat if you are hungry and only eat what you really want. You know Christmas fruit cake sucks, so don’t even bother with it ok!

Have a proper breakfast etc

Make sure you have a good breakfast because lunch/dinner is still a few hours away and if you roll up starving, chances are you’ll suck up that buffet like a black hole. Eat first so you can maintain some decorum.

Get back on the horse

You had your fun and a break in routine is great for the mind – but get back to normal routine ASAP. I like deadlines, so I'll be back to normal routine 2nd Jan! But pick a date that works of you (Term 1 2019 starts 7th Jan)


I hate sounding like a preachy preacher and honestly I’m writing this under the influence of a gin and tonic, but I put cherries and strawberries in it! I also ate a nice, healthy dinner and had an epic stretch session today.

Don’t freak out about not being a perfect #fitchic angel, just try to remember everything in moderation and keep moving – no use denying yourself all the fun stuff if its going to make you feel like a sad panda. Besides, a few days of treats is not going to make a big difference.

Merry Christmas xx