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Pole Dancing and YOUR Confidence

20th March 2017

How many times have you found yourself saying "oh I always wanted to do pole dancing BUT… Or I wish I could do the move BUT.....

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What is confidence?

11th March 2017

If I were to ask 10 different people that question, I would get 10 different answers. If I asked another 10 people, I would get another 10 different answers.

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Sparkles in the Kitchen: Jackie's World Famous Super Salad

25th November 2016

Watch this video to see Jackie and Jacinta make a fabulous and healthy lunch!


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Science Jackie

Feeding your Microbiome

7th November 2016

Hand sanitizer and Dettol surface cleaner may come to mind when you think of bacteria, however 90% of all bacteria are unable to cause human harm, even if you bathed...

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7th July 2016

Are you stiff and sore? Feels good, don’t it! The sign of a good workout; A.K.A DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Here’s Jacinta’s top tips for recovery.Magnesium.

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