Veganism with Sinead

5th December 2016

Jacinta sits down with Sinead to talk about Veganism. 

Transcript below....

Q: Why did you decide to become a vegan?

A: Watching too many documentaries and reading too much into everything and getting sad.

Q: Sad? About what?

A: About the mass production of meat and dairy industries.

Q: Sad things happen to animals? And that makes you sad?

A: Yeah, it makes me sad.

Q: How long have you been a vegan?

A: This time round, 8 months. But I did try prior and that only lasted 6 months. Its kinda on and off

Q: So is there a transition period?

A: You don’t go vegan in a day, its realistically not healthy to do that. Its something that you have to build your body up to and work towards

Q: So do you start as a vegetarian and get more vegan?

A: You can start where ever you feel comfortable

Q: One of the big questions for me, because I’m a big meat eater. Where do you get your protein?

A: Usually seeds and beans, you can have baked beans, lentils, chia seeds is a good one, quinoa. All those fancy alternatives.

Q: Fancy?

A: I think they are fancy!

Q: What are common vegan induced problems or ailments to watch for if you’re thinking of becoming a vegan?

A: I don’t even know. I haven’t had any, is there any?

Q: What about low iron? Or calcium deficiency?

A: No, when I first went vegan I was anaemic and once I went vegan I had it all checked and my iron levels had evened out. Now I don’t take a supplement.

Q: Crazy, so there’s nothing?

A: Nope, except for craving things.

Q: But you were saying before that if you were to go vegan suddenly, it wouldn’t be healthy?

A: Mentally healthy, I think that physically your body is fine with it, but mentally its really hard. People tell themselves they CAN’T have things straight up, I don’t think that’s –

Q: It does take time for your gut to adjust to digesting a lot of fruit and vegetables?

A: Yeah it does, you get really bloated and sick from eating a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables at first because your body doesn’t know how to break down those things, depending on what your diet was like previously.

Q: It just takes time though doesn’t it?

A: Yeah

Q: do you miss any particular food?

A: Cheese, always cheese! Any kind of cheese!

Jacinta: I had goats feta today for lunch, it was good. Doesn’t come from a cow…

Sinead: No it comes from a goat. haha

Q: What do you recommend to people who are thinking of becoming a vegan?

A: Check your blood type. Because there are certain dietary requirements for certain blood types, so there is a particular blood type that cannot go vegan  -

Jackie: its O blood type

Jacinta: confirmed by the scientist!

Q: What’s one thing you would eat a steak for?

A: Flat splits!!