Every success you have is more evidence of how capabale you are. We want to help you acheive your pole tricks faster! All of our classes are designed to help you with your pole dancing and make you feel fabulous too! You can choose from Pole Dancing, Fitness or Dance classes.

Pole Dancing

You start at beginners where your instructors will nurture and support you as you embark on this journey of building your strength and confidence.

You will work your way up the levels, collecting stickers for your sticker chart – every win celebrated with your #DiamondDanceFamily!

Each challenge you overcome will be more evidence of your strength, perseverance and ability. 

You will be inspired by your fellow classmates and feel the excitement and community as you grow together; encouraging and empowering each other beyond the classroom.


Feel your power and strength as you challenge yourself!

Your success will be accelerated with these classes which are designed to help improve your strength and flexibility specifically in the way you will need it for pole dancing. We also include exercises to ensure that your body is as balanced as possible – being a dominant upper body sport, we included a little extra leg work in your fitness classes.


These classes are all about making you feel spicy, feminine and amazing!

Dance your heart out! You’ll sparkle in these classes with choreographyy to make you feel spicy, connect to your feminine side and boost your confidence 110%.

Cardio doesn’t have to suck, you’ll walk out of these classes feeling fabulous and vibrant!

Strong & Spicy

This class is a conditioning class – especially for pole dancer! This class is Pilates and body weight based that will leave you loving the burn! You will feel challenged but satisfied at the end! We recommend this class for all our beginner students.


Flexy is a stretch class designed to get you doing the splits – what a party trick! Don’t be fooled thinking this will be an easy, relaxing class. There is a big focus on active flexibility exercises that will make you sweat! Improved overall flexibility will not only make pole dancing easier and prettier (especially those split lines). Regular stretching will also reduce the likelihood of injuries and improve muscle recovery..

Intro to Handstands

Your handstand journey starts at the very beginning, with body conditioning, building strength and learning some physics! If your last handstands were at 7 years of age – this class is for you! By the end of this course you will be able to confidently handstand! Terrified? Don’t panic, you are in good hands, Jacinta is a qualified gymnastics coaches with plenty of handstand experience under her belts. Handstands are a superfood – they make you smarter by fertilizing your brain with extra blood flow 😉

Exotic Floorwork

This is the kind of dance you do getting ready for a sexy night out with the girls – rolling around your bedroom feeling yourself! It’s the best way to get your cardio done and you will learn cool dance moves, floor work and basic acrobatic tricks! A great addition to your pole life to round out your routines. This course is a little bit naughty and a lot of fun! Kneepads are essential for this class and heels are recommended.

Exotic Pole

Wanna just dance on the pole and feel Hot Damn!? This class is steamy! Very little pole tricks so perfect for any level (including beginners) to dance. Each week you’ll learn a little bit more of the choreography. Kneepads are essential for this class and heels are recommended.



Unleash your inner Beyonce! You’ll be strutting your stuff, twirling like a pro and dropping it like its hot in your heels! 

Chair Dance

You never knew all the ways you could use a chair beyond sitting! In this class we dance on, in, with the chair in some really cool, creative (and sometimes a little crazy) ways! Think Pussycat Doll-style cardio dance! It’s super cute, a little bit sexy and a lot of fun!