Jacinta Diamonds

Jacinta was a gymnast from about 4 years old until 15 years old. She started coaching when she was 14 years old and transitioned in other roles within the sport including; judging, mentoring trainee coaches and was a member of the committee for the WA Artistic gymnastics board.


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Emma first discovered her love for dance when she started Burlesque dancing for fun in 2018. Ironically enough, Emma had a terrible time at her first pole class when she started on a Groupon in late 2019. But three classes in, and some success with her first pole move made her quickly hooked to this incredible art form. Emma has been head over heels in love with pole ever since!Emma decided to take her pole journey to a new level after suffering an injury in 2022, resulting in a long journey of learning about healing, injury prevention, her hypermobile body, chronic pain, and nervous system regulation. Emma describes herself as a “diehard feminist”, so combining her love of pole, her newfound knowledge of the body, and her passion for feminism by teaching women to pole dance felt like a natural next step for her. Emma is known for making her students feel safe, encouraging them to be their authentic selves, whilst also listening to their bodies and tuning into their sensuality through dance. Emma gets so much joy from seeing other women come into their own, building their confidence, self-esteem, and strength too! Emma lives a different life by day, working as a Speech Therapist teaching young children to communicate. Empowering others really is Emma’s passion, as well as learning ALL the things (she’s a bit of a nerd) and eating chocolate of course. She’s also a proud cat and plant mum. You can find her on Instagram @emma_afterhours


Sinéad first tried pole dancing about 9 years ago after a friend harassed her to join! She enjoyed it for a bit but was also focused on her career at the time! As her time freed up she decided the time was right and fell madly in love with the sport. After a few years of training she started teaching to
share the knowledge and experience she had.

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Karly loves teaching because there’s nothing better than seeing women achieve things they never thought they could do. She started pole dancing as a way to keep fit while also combining her love of dancing. She loves that pole dance can be so many different styles, from contemporary to exotic to theatrical or even comedic!

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For the most fun you can have on a pole…do a class with Courtney

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Julie started pole dancing as her friend nagged her to go with her and eventually, she gave in, she fell in love with it and has been doing it ever since.
Julie is very creative and loves choreographing routines and turning her pole moves into an art form.

She loves all split pole tricks and often does the splits wherever she goes. Julie enjoys teaching pole dancing because she likes to help students achieve their pole goals.


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Candice Rae is our resident award winning showgirl! Candice has spent 13 years in the adult entertainment industry creating a successful career as a showgirl. Candice has won numerous awards for her performances including 2022 Miss Nude WA, 2022 Miss Entertainer 2022 Miss Firm Pole Princess, where she uses the art of pole dancing to enhance her performances. Candice specialises in coaching up and coming showgirls, stage presence and confidence. Candice enjoys teaching her exotic flow classes where she can pass on her knowledge of exotic movements and encourage dancers to embrace their sensual energy.


Sam started her pole dance journey back in 2020 when she was looking for a new sport, after finishing a few years playing soccer and getting bored of the gym. She loves moving her body and who doesn’t love to dance around the room!


Sam was hooked on pole dancing in her first few classes and has only been getting more crazy obsessed ever since. Sam competed in her first pole competition in 2022 and she loved it so much she doing it all again this year.


Back when Sam was about 9/10 years olds she was doing gymnastics and won her self some little trophies. Sam got more joy out of assisting the gymnastics instructors in class with the younger ones than she would in her own classes at times. Little did she know many years later she’ll be teaching pole dancing for incredible women.


Sam is known for her quirkiness and her humble energy to be able to make anyone feel comfortable in class. Sam has such a passion for teaching and helping people get the best fun and achievements, she also teaches swimming lessons to babies and children of all ages.



Roisin has always been interested in dance, whether that was Irish dancing when she was a little one, or dancing throughout high school.


She always wanted to start pole dancing, spent about 2 years procrastinating and trying to make friends join with her. She ended up taking the plunge and joining a new studio all by herself, and literally never looked back.


Roisin has been doing pole dancing for nearly 3 years, and has achieved so much, including teaching! Roisin wanted to start pole dancing to increase her own body confidence and gain more strength. Along with building her strength, Roisin is so much more confident in her own body, which has now resulted in a goal of wanting to compete!


Roisin is known for making up some cool combos, with variations of your favourite tricks! She’s always looking on Instagram for new tricks to teach, and loves a good freestyle!

This super star has also completed a Master of Sexology – her whole job is about teaching about relationships and sexuality, researching sexual health, and being surrounded by like minded people in the space! Basically her whole life revolves around sexuality, sexual health – cool right?


Roisin lives by the words ‘people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel’ – Maya Angelou