About Diamond Dance Joondalup

I believe all women should feel strong, empowered, sexy and confident in themselves. I want to show women what their body is really capable of and teach them to love their body for what it can do! I want to create an environment where women love and support each other to grow to their full potential.

I opened Diamond Dance to teach women physically amazing tricks and beautiful movement, to open your mind how capable your body really is. When you train your body and your mind simultaneously, you strengthen the bond and understanding between the two, you become more aware that your capabilities are only limited by what you believe. Then your thoughts and feelings about your body become more focused on ability rather than aesthetics.

You learn to love your body for what it can do, and with that comes a sense of peace, feelings of power and sensuality.
Yes, I teach pole dancing and its amazing fun! But its just the vessel to teach you these deeper life lessons. Today, my goal is more than just a physical place to teach pole dancing, it's to create a 'spiritual' place for women to come together to support each other's growth. How will I know I've succeeded? When you make a new friend in class, when you feel comfortable being you in your hotpants and when we all feel the pleasure and excitement in each other's success. 

The flow on affect of this new-found strength and confidence is actually limitless. I LOVE hearing stories of how my awesome students have finally found their courage to go for their dreams - whether its opening their own business, applying for their dream job or even just travelling to their dream destination. Pole has helped them to break down those barriers by showing them that while things might seem hard and scary at first, if you break it down into bite sized pieces YOU CAN CONQUER ANYTHING! 


Our Values

Empowering Women: We want to see more women achieving their dreams and saving the world!

Friendliest studio in town: Community is important to us because we believe a supportive tribe is the key to help you thrive!

Fun: We don't take ourselves too seriously, we love a good pun!

Quirky: We embrace our weirdness in all its glory and we love yours too!

Knowledgeable: We have a high level of teaching standards and award-winning teachers