How do I become a pole
dancing instructor?

Step 1:

Do a course!

Step 2:
Ask a studio for a traineeship or to
observe an experienced instructor.


Before you embark on your becoming an instructor adventure; here are some things to consider:

Why am I doing this? Is it for your overwhelming love and passion for pole dancing that you just can't bottle up inside? Or because you're awesome and everyone should know it (ego)?

Do I love helping people? Do you have the patience to help people learn pole dancing and desire to continuously learn pole dancing and other fitness things as an instructor?

What are my goals as a pole dancer and can I accommodate extra training for my instructor duties into my schedule? As an instructor you will need time to practice moves, revise choreography, plan lessons and other class admin.

Are you ready?

The Diamond Dance Instructor Training course is a 2 day live event offered in person and via zoom. At the end of this course you will feel empowered (and probably overwhelmed) with the knowledge to confidently teach beginner pole dancers. You will feel yourself grow into a new position of leadership and as an everlasting student all over again (at a higher, more conscious level of course) and fall deeper in love with the art of pole dancing.

This course has been created and delivered by Jacinta Diamonds; one of the world’s most experienced pole dancing instructors. She has a background in gymnastics which delved into; coaching, judging and sports management for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics in WA. 


She has competed in pole dancing nationally and internationally and has been teaching for over 10 years.


In this course you will learn;


Basic anatomy and body movements


Communication techniques


Class management


Basic elements of pole dancing


Teaching process


How to breakdown moves


How to identify and troubleshoot incorrect technique


Lesson planning


How to create warm ups

After this 2 day course, you may be invited to complete an 8 week observation training at Diamond Dance. Alternatively, you might like to ask another studio or instructor to help you further your learning.

YES! This course is a great way to become a better student too! Especially if you train for competitions and want to safely train by yourself. Diamond Dance also has a team for Hen’s Parties where you can pick and choose when you would like to teach.

No. However Diamond Dance usually takes on potential new instructors for traineeships and our hen’s party team which can lead to more teaching opportunities.

 Send through your certificates and course information and we’ll let you know.

No, but we recommend achieving an advance level of pole dancing first because you need to be super strong to demonstrate tricks several times in slow motion while talking!

Hard no! Not all super star competition winners are good teachers – in fact, many of the best teachers are the ones you don’t see up on the competition stage.

Depends on the requirements of the studio(s) you work for. For Diamond Dance yes you must complete a traineeship because this is how we teach you our specific curriculum and further your knowledge by watching different people learn, make mistakes and teach.

At the moment no because we only take on trainees that we intend to hire as an instructor. However in the future we may look to expand the program to all participants.

No. We don’t think pole dance should fall under the Fitness / Personal Training realm. Where there are some cross-overs in relevant information we haven’t registered the course with Fitness Australia because we don’t think the certificate 3 or 4 in fitness is necessary for pole dance instructors.