How to do a straddle stretch correctly

How to do a straddle stretch correctly

straddle pancake

This is a straddle or pancake stretch. In this stretch we are aiming to stretch your hamstrings and your adductors.

Here’s a few reminders on how to do a straddle stretch with correct technique.

1. Make sure your back is flat, with your shoulder blades pulling down and back.

2. Make sure your knees are pointing upwards 

3. Straight legs

By having the correct alignment you will be able to stretch the majority of the hamstring length, without causing any pain or discomfort in your back. You will also be able to feel the stretch in your adductors (inner thigh muscles) when you keep your legs straight and knees pointing to the roof.

Common complaints I hear: is that it’s hurting on the inside of the knee joint. This is usually because of tight adductors and/or tight calf muscles. Try stretching the calves out before any straddle work. You can also bend and straighten your knees gently in your straddle – keeping the knees pointing upwards and maintaining the stretch in the hamstrings and adductors; just to ease the tension/pain. 

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