Pole dancing and YOUR confidence

Pole dancing and YOUR confidence

How many times have you found yourself saying “oh I always wanted to do pole dancing BUT… Or I wish I could do the move BUT….. I’m not strong enough, not fit enough, not flexible, not graceful, and not co-ordinated enough? I’ve heard it all. Believe it or not, in the beginning, I had all the same excuses.

Confidence is about pushing boundaries, so if you don’t try to push you will never succeed. You need to push a little to start, when you become more comfortable you push more and more as your boundaries expand.

Everyone can understand that pole dancing challenges you physically but did you know it also challenges you mentally! This is a major way in which pole dancing can help you to boost your confidence. Here is why pole dancing is an awesome way to challenge yourself mentally, expand your boundaries and comfort zone and improve your confidence.

It gets you out of your comfort zone

Pole dancing can be a bit daunting to anyone, and to most people it is! It is far, far from your comfort zone – whether it be the idea of not being able to cover your body in long pants, or that you don’t think you have enough strength to keep up or even do anything, or maybe just the fact that it is nothing like anything you’ve ever done before. All of these things push you far beyond what you perceive to be comfortable. Every time you do this, you expand your boundaries, your comfort zone increases – and as you become more comfortable, your confidence goes through the roof!

It changes the way you view your body

Personally since starting pole dancing I’ve noticed a huge difference in myself and in so many different areas! When I started pole dancing I saw myself as awkward, unsociable, unattractive and depressed. I no longer feel any of these things, well maybe a little awkward still but I’m ok with that 🙂 Now when I dance I feel strong, graceful and excited. I used to hate my body but now it can do so many things I didn’t know it could do, and I appreciate it for that. I’ve also noticed that the fear of trying new moves doesn’t cripple me with anxiety, instead it excited me. Pole dancing was something I thought I couldn’t do and now it’s my go to happy place, and it could be yours too!

Being a part of a pole family

Watching students open up and develop their personalities is one of the most rewarding things as an instructor. At the beginning of term most girls are quiet and often say they feel silly but as the term goes on the girls open up and are less shy, sometimes they’re so loud and excited I can hardly get a word in. The studio provides a place for women to come and just be themselves! There’s so many different personalities all in the same boat – all feeling somewhat out of their comfort zone and a little bit nervous initially. Together as a group they progress and support each other through this, helping each other to grow their confidence. We motivate each other and celebrate each persons success as a group.

The more you pole the more confident you get, you become comfortable in your own skin as the clothes get smaller and smaller, more settled into your sexuality through your dancing and ability to move and more sociable with the other girls in your class – which is also awesome for making new friends!

Pole dancing is the best thing to help you improve your confidence – if provides a safe place for you to feel comfortable being yourself and helps you to learn to appreciate your body for what it is and to see the incredible things it is capable of!

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