Recovering from Middle Splits

Recovering from Middle Splits

Where does it hurt? Your butt? Your groin? Your quads / hip flexors?

I’m guessing all of it!

Here are some great stretches and foam rolling techniques to help you through.

First up; hip flexors and quads. These muscles get tight trying to assist the rotation of the leg in the socket and from squeezing your thighs for straight legs. You might need to do extra glute work to make your glutes do the rotation like they are supposed to. In the meantime, stretching will help.

You might also like to foam roll your quads and hip flexors for extra release and to calm the nerves.

If its your glutes that are tight from all that strengthening work – good! Stretching might not cut it alone, so here’s how to loosen them off with a ball / peanut.

Finally, the main event; your adductors! Again, foam rolling will help to calm the nerves to help loosen off the muscles.

Pre-workout Benefits

You can foam roll / use the peanut before any of your stretching or strengthening sessions. Loosening up the body before hand can help with better function, improve blood flow and improve proprioception and activation of the muscles.

Post-workout Benefits

After your session foam rolling can help recovery with increased blood flow to the area which helps to clear waste products such as lactic acid and extra blood promotes recovery. Rolling will also calm the nerves to help muscles relax and even give you a better night’s sleep.

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